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Social Inclusion and Empowerment
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability
Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction
Current Projects
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability « Programmes
Unnati has been working on the Capacity Building of PRI Representatives from the First round of Election after the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act was brought into force. Besides various learning modules and materials Panchayat Resource Centre (PRC) as an intermediate level capacity building instrument for Strengthening PRIs in General and Gram Panchayats in particular was conceived. PRC aimed to provide support to the Gram Panchayats in effective delivery of public services, promotion of social justice and creating enabling environment to hold the Panchayats accountable to people through Gram Sabha and social audit. Most of the Panchayat representatives particularly the newly elected women and dalit representatives can work effectively if they are provided timely support and training required to perform the tasks. The information and skill level of the representatives can be continuously upgraded given the nature and demand of the work to be done through a mechanism that provides continuous support to make Panchayati Raj system effective.

Currently we do not run any PRCs. However, we provide our inputs to government and NGOs to set up PRCs. In the third five-year PRI term in Rajasthan, with the support of UNDP we have set up PRCs in all the blocks of Jodhpur district.
PRC is conceived to provide the following support to the elected representatives:
Instrumentality of running a PRC
Institutional Framework of PRC
Framework for assessment of effectiveness of PRC
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