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Social Inclusion and Empowerment
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability
Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction
Current Projects
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability « Programmes
IEC Material Dissemination method Response/Feedback
1. Poster themes These were pasted to be read by villagers on
- Easier to comprehend due to pictorial nature
Developed by UNNATI
- Dummy Candidate &
- Promoting Women’s Candidature
Developed by members of NGO Steering Committee
- Identity proof for voter
- Appropriate Stamping of Ballot Paper
- colour of ballot papers
- Electoral malpractices
- Penalties for bogus voting
- Misconceptions on reservation terminology &
- Criteria of an Ideal Candidate
Community halls
- Anganwadi centres
- Water-structures (GLR/Haudi)
- Health sub-centres
- Schools
- Bus-stops
- Tea-stalls/dhabas (eating joints)
- Dharamsalas (public resthouses)
- Private houses(with permission)
- Various misconceptions clarified
- Caste/gender biases demystified
- Sensitised towards women/dalit candidature
- Threatened the male dominated society
- Political parties and some upper caste -group people were apprehensive and sceptical that their traditional vote -banks, based on gender and caste, could get adversely influenced.
2. Pamphlets
Developed by UNNATI
- Sample ‘Nomination Form’
Sample ‘Nomination Form’ was distributed among the Resource Group members to help the candidates practice it
- Nomination forms of those candidates were not rejected who had practiced with the ‘sample nomination form’ pamphlet
Developed by member of NGO Steering Committee
- Identity proof for voters
Officials of Panchayat Samitis got several copies of the sample form for distribution among the prospective candidates.
- Information on two -child norm clarified doubts of candidates
Sample forms distributed among the prospective candidates in villages; some candidates collected it from PRCs; several others who could not come to PRC, got it photocopied
3. Newsletter
Developed by UNNATI
- Swaraj
Swaraj was distributed among Resource Group members in villages to disseminate information to voters and help the candidates fill the sample ‘Nomination Form’ section.
- Increased awareness and widened information base of voters and candidates
  Swaraj was one of the best resourceful materials according to candidates and partner NGOs.
4. Booklets
Developed by UNNATI
- Panchayat Chunav Margdarshika
Developed by member of NGO Steering Committee
- Panchayat Chunav Ki Kitab
All three Booklets were available at PRCs and referred to by candidates as well as Resource Group members as and when needed.
- Misconceptions on reservation of seats (viz. who can file nomination in which seat category) got clarified; Information on roles of polling agent, returning officer and presiding officer helped candidates strategise on the election day and solicit help as per rule.
Developed by State Election Commission
- Panchayati Raj Sansthano Ki Chunav Margdarshika
5. Audio cassettes
Developed by UNNATI
These were played for villagers
- Motivated the female candidates and sensitised people towards women candidature
- Bahna Apa Raj Karala on ‘Promoting Candidature of Women’
On local buses and jeeps, at village grocery stores, tea-stalls/dhabas, in schools on Republic Day etc.
- Songs were very popular due to use of local folk music tune and language
Developed by member of NGO Steering Committee
- Vote Dewan Ro Helo encouraging people to vote
- During the puppet show
- In Panchayat Chunav Yatra/ Rally on vehicles and camel-carts.
- Encouraged participati on and leadership of women and their role in society.
6. Film shows
Developed by UNNATI
- Raj Karenge
- Gaon Nehin Kinhi Panch Ka
These were organised for villagers in thirty GPs of Balesar, Bilara and Mandore Panchayat Samitis
- Promoted leadership of women in Panchayat Sensitised voters and built confidence of women candidates.
Developed by member of NGO Steering Committee
- Hamara Faisla
Also shown through TV Cable network by the Resource Group members in more than thirty villages
7. Puppet shows
- These were conducted during early morning/evening hours in interior hamlets of ten GPs of Balesar PS and
- Since it was organised in interior hamlets and at convenient time, women, daily wage labourers etc. were able to participate and access information on importance of voting, identity proofs, proper voting method etc.
- Viewed mostly by women, dalits, daily wage labourers etc.
- School children, future voters /candidates, also assembled in large numbers showing their interest towards election
- Various gender biases and misconceptions on caste were clarified.
8. Hoarding on
- Women candidature
- Identity proof
- Proper voting and Ballot paper colour
- Installed in the premises of Balesar Panchayat Samiti
- Read by voters and candidates.
- Information related to Panchayat Election was publicized
- People visited the Panchayat Samiti to access information on Panchayat Election
9. Weekly Radio Programme of UNNATI (every Thursday 7:30 to 7:45 PM)
- This programme was broadcasted from Jodhpur AIR and covered the entire desert region including Jodhpur district.
- About 100 postcards were sent by listeners to clarify doubts regarding election and to seek answers to their questions.
- Panchayat Ri Rah, Vikas Ri Chah
- Followed by one hour (Thursday 7:45 to 8:45 PM) telephone help-line
- Issues like two child norm, procedure for filing nomination form, ID pro of of voters etc. were covered
- The number of telephone calls was in the range of 10 to 20 per day
- Listened to by voters and candidates
- Several of them got their doubts clarified through telephone help-line.
- Mostly people called to clarify queries on two-child norm, eligibility of candidate, self-declaration in the nomination form, documents to be attached with the nomination form.
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