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We also conduct pre-election voter's awareness campaign to enable the new leaders to file and contest election in a free and fair environment.

It is designed to disseminate election related information to voters and candidates as well as promote free and fair election through the involvement of Non-Government Organisations. To increase coverage of the campaign, a state-level steering committee is formed to dialogue with the government and the State Election Commission. The committee also decided on the educational material required and its contents. The campaign focussed on facilitating people’s participation in the Ward Sabhas held for electoral roll revision. Capacities of volunteers and citizen leaders were built to increase and deepen the outreach. Information on election was disseminated among voters and candidates through posters, pamphlets, newsletters, booklets, audio/video cassettes, puppet shows, weekly radio programme and telephone help-line. These activities are aimed at sensitising the citizens about various aspects of elections such as importance of identity proof, voting rights and correct way of stamping the ballot paper as well as promoting candidature of women and dalits by providing handholding support. The entire PEVAC was an educational and awareness building process among the electorate.
Dos and Don'ts of the Campaign
Not to use provocative language.
Not to explicitly campaign for candidates. Organisations involved in PEVAC shall not put up candidates.
Not to socialise with candidates or accept hospitality during the campaign.
Not to favour any particular candidate on the basis of caste, gender, religion, political affiliation and organisational affiliation.
Not to accept any economic support from candidates or political parties.
Not to support processes that aim to facilitate single or unopposed candidature as in such processes weaker sections are not able to freely exercise their opinion.
To abide by the ‘Code of Conduct’ issued by the “State Election Commissioner”, particularly to complete PEVAC activities three days prior to the Election Day.
IEC material developed by UNNATI was based on its experience in Panchayat election in the year 2000 and also drew inspiration from the 'Suffragette Movement' (Suffragette Movement of the United States of America was aimed at giving voting rights to women. During this movement, a poster was drawn for Her Majesty of United Kingdom explaining 'What a woman may be and yet not have the vote & what a man may be, but can vote'.)
IEC materials developed by UNNATI and other members of NGO Steering Committee
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