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Social Inclusion and Empowerment
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability
Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction
Current Projects
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability « Programmes
Sr. No. Indicators 5 High Low 4 3 2 1 Low
  PRC Level          
1. Panchayat level information compiled          
2. Frequency of visit to the Panchayats and increase of the level of awareness and confidence of the PRI representatives (particularly women and dalits)          
3. No. of PRI representatives visiting PRC per month          
4. No. of villagers visiting PRC per month          
5. Developmental information available in PRC          
  Gram Panchayat Level          
6. Extent of support of PRC to facilitate effectiveness of Gram sachivalaya          
7. Extent of increase in participation in Gram Sabha and Ward Sabha          
8. Extent of support to Gram Panchayat on developing annual plan and budget          
9. Extent of support provided to PRI representatives on functioning of standing committees          
10. Extent of support provided to share information on expenditure on various programmes (displaying in notice board or social audit)          
  Social Service Monitoring          
11. Initiative undertaken to monitor basic services          
12. Extent of increase in girl child enrollment          
13. Parents and mother’s participation in mid-day-meal          
14. Mother’s and women PRI representatives participation in anganwadi          
15. Extent of resolution of issues with regard to PDS particularly Annapurna Yojna          
  Taxation and Resource Mobilisation          
16. Initiative to bring changes in the taxation system          
17. Initiatives of Panchayats to collaborate with other institutions for local development          
  Promotion of Social Justice and Associational Engagement          
18. Initiatives of Panchayats on issues of dalit discrimination and violence against women          
19. Formation of association of women elected representatives          
20. Regularity of review meeting of PRC with block level advisory committee          
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