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Social Inclusion and Empowerment
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability
Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction
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Building a Platform for Social Accountability Practices:
Strengthening voices of the marginalized for assertion of entitlements in Gujarat
Duration : November, 2017 to December,2019
About the Project
The relationship between the ordinary citizens and the governing institutions is increasingly characterized by conflict and deficit of trust. At the ground level the poor seems to be struggling to make their voice heard and gain visibility to access its legitimate rights.In these scenario social accountability mechanisms provides opportunity to ordinary citizens to access information, voice their needs and demand accountability.
Project Coverage:
The project is being implemented in two blocks each in Kuchchhand Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. In each of the blocks, 2 field locations will be covering a total of 30 gram panchayats. The tribal block of Poshina in Sabarkantha will be one of the locations. The human development indicators are very poor in this block. The other block is Bhachau in Kutch district. It is a multi-disaster prone area. The social indicators are not much different from the tribal area.
Objective of the project:
Long term objective:Contribute to build a culture of transparency and accountability in public programs and institutions which is an essential element of good governance focusing participation in gram sabha, pro-active disclosure and social audit of public programs like MGNREGA through documentation of experiences, organizing workshops and preparing thematic learning materials.
Short term Objective:Social accountability practices by the Citizen Leaders, CBOs and NGOs improves public service delivery in the last mile targeting the poor and the marginalized communities in terms of improvement/ increase in (i) the level of understanding/ information on the public programs, (ii) enrolment to the schemes and (iii) actual entitlements received.
Consultation with
MGNREGS workers in
village Bandhadi, Bhachau
block, Dist. Kutchh
Project Strategy:
Link up with the diverse social accountability network for mutual learning, solidarity
Training methods and pedagogy systematized into learning products for promotion of wider practice
Social Accountability tools to used to track the quality of public service delivery by periodic community based monitoring
Building empowered citizen voice for demand of rights and entitlements
Result Area and Proposed Activity:
A. Demonstration of Social Accountability practices (Pilots/ Demonstration):
Capacity building of Citizen Leaders
Social Mobilization, Public Program Information Campaign and Community Based Monitoring.
Training of PRI representatives
Process Documentation on Demonstration
B. Advancement of Social Accountability practices:
Training of Trainers on Social Accountability Practices
Mentoring Support to Practice Social Accountability
C. A body of knowledge is developed on Social Accountability practices to facilitate wider use.
D. Mutual Engagement among Social Accountability Practitioners.
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